Dorian Coley


Born in Hollis Queens, He graduated with BA degree from Hofstra University in NY. He worked over 10yrs with the NYC Department of Education, in the classroom with special needs children.
Destination Life was originally founded in Los Angeles Ca, in 1999 and first incorporated on January 28, 2004. Dorian got his first glimpse into the depths of families living on skid row in LA while visiting friends and family. He founded Destination Life as a grassroots organization dedicated to helping those who need it most. He based his philosophy on being his brother’s keeper. Today we still operate under the same philosophy.


Our mission is to provide hot food and the necessary items for homeless individuals living in our communities. We are committed to eradicating hunger in our local community by organizing food share events and cheerful giving campaigns. We also aim to help victims of domestic violence find hope, healing and a path to recovery; for survivors of domestic violence we help give them a fresh start by providing furniture for their new homes.


Our vision at Destination Life Inc. is to be the leading outreach program that significantly contributes to the development of a progressive community where a premium is placed on recovery, responsible behavior and the well being of every individual. We aspire to be a source of hope and inspiration to everyone we serve, providing them the necessary resources to achieve long term success and happiness.


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