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Our mission is to provide hot meals and necessary items for homeless individuals living in our communities and help our homeless veterans get vital resources. We are committed to eradicating hunger in our local community by organizing food share and donation events. Our domestic violence division,  helps victims of domestic violence find hope, healing and a path to recovery. For these survivors of domestic violence, we help give them a fresh start by providing furniture for their new homes.


Our vision at Destination Life Inc. is to be the leading outreach program that significantly contributes to the development of a progressive community where focus is placed on recovery, responsible behavior and the well being of every individual. We aspire to be a source of hope and inspiration to everyone we serve, providing them the necessary resources to achieve long term success and happiness. 

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Core Values

At Destination Life Inc. we believe the pathway to recovery is whole health. We must heal the entire person. Mind, Body, and Spirit.   


We operate with honesty, transparency and accountability, uphold good morals and treat everyone we serve with dignity and respect


We have taken it upon ourselves to instill a positive attitude in everyone as a form of encouragement to attain optimal overall health and prevent relapse


It is our duty to provide safe and effective group meetings and to organize food drives and donations for those in recovery, homeless and those battling mental health issues. We service all respectively.


Every individual is important to us. Every life matters. Therefore, we give everyone that comes through our doors ultimate care and put their welfare at the forefront of all our decisions.


We do not compromise on anything. We provide and facilitate the best available solutions to meet the individual needs of each family or family member on a case by case basis.



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